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Our Steel

Our Nexus reinforced bars are manufactured through a Thermal Mechanical  Treatment process certified to BS4449 standards.

TMT Bar Usage
Areas where TMT Bars are being suitably used because of High strength & Corrosion resistance properties

  • Bridges
  • Fly-overs
  • Multi – Storied Buildings
  • Concrete Roads
  • Underground Construction
  • Dams
  • Industrial structures
  • Marine structures
  • And of course your SWEET HOME
Special Features of TMT BARS
  • Higher Strength combined with higher elongation as compared to other re-bars
  • Excellent weld-ability
  • Resistant to fire hazards
  • Excellent Ductility
  • Higher Fatigue strength
  • Easy work-ability at site

Customer Requirements

  • Lower construction Costs due to Higher Strength combined with better elongation
  • Reduction in total weight of reinforcement bars requirement
  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Better weld-ability
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